Polhena Flood Rescue Team Sri Lanka

Volunteers from Polhena and Madiha in Southern Sri Lanka left their work and took their fishing boats inland to deliver essential food and water to fellow Sri Lankans who were cut off inland regions.

May 2017 brought some terrible floods to Sri Lanka – many killed and hundreds of thousands homeless. 

Although Polhena was not too badly affected, sadly the nearby villages inland were hit by awful floods. 

There were many places suffering from the floods. This is a short story about one local area, where we know the people who went to the rescue.

Houses were flooded and people had to sit on the roofs or climb to higher grounds – leaving behind their belongings and food.

What did the people do to help themselves?


The ladies of Polhena started cooking rice and curry.


The gentlemen collected bottled water and prepared the boats.


They navigated through treacherous flooded valleys, with many underwater obstacles hidden by the dark  muddy  water.

Unfortunately the boat hit some submerged object and a hole appeared. The boat started filling up with water and their belongings – mobile phones etc got trashed as the jumped into the water and pushed the boat to the shore to stop it sinking.

They spent the night on this island until help came to rescue the rescuers.

They are all safe – the boat is badly damaged.

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Polhena Flood Rescue Team Sri Lanka

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