Polhena and Madiha

“Down South” Sri Lanka

Polhena and Madiha are connected by the sea and a band of coconut palms along the beach. Theses two adjacent coastal villages represent a collection of some of the quietest and relaxed beaches on the south coast of Sri Lanka. Visited by locals, visitors from Galle and Colombo, as well as tourists that are “in the know”.

In Madiha, there are many restaurants and bars that are chilled, relaxed and laid back., almost like the best of the Caribbean vibes, right here in Sri Lanka.

Weather in Sri Lanka is great, temperatures between 25°C and 35°C. Due to a very diverse tropical island with mountains and wonderful beaches, there is a fairly predictable weather pattern. With the choice of two seasonal weather systems with associated prevailing winds, you can choose the side of the island that  provides the climate thats suits your visit. Winter bring ideal condition down south for surfing and swimming. Summer bring ideal conditions on the East coast. Off season is great also, as there are less surfer and “marine activity” tourists, which gives quite beaches which is great for coastal walks.

“Down South” is quiet in the summer with strong onshore winds and few surfers. This is a great time for walking on quiet beaches.

“Down South” comes alive in the winter for watersposrts with the surf and diving conditions being perfect. The offshore winds give wider beaches and long ocean swells for the surf conditions that Sri Lanka is famous for. The water becomes clearer for diving and the treasures of the ocean sealife are splendid. 

People and Culture


Generally the  better surfing is available at Madiha Surf Point where there are some awesome sets coming straight from the ocean. www.madihasurfpoint.com

There are many little beaches amongst the palms with great swimming protected by the coral reef. Bring a takeaway picnic or visit one of the many charming restaurants that follow the coast. Caribbean Gate is the popular watering hole and the food is good with a full menu and reasonable prices. 

Polhena is the ideal place for snorkelling, scuba diving, surfing, sunbathing.

Polhena beach is an infamous destination because of the natural swimming pool created by the coral reef, giving safe swimming conditions at most states of tide.

There is not just one beach – there are individual coves and beaches along the coastline from Polhena right through the best surf beaches at Madiha Point.

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There is a great selection of accommodation in Polhena and Madiha.

Family run beach hotels with private beaches and 4 star hotels with swimming pools.

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