2022 Surf Life Sabine Polhena Madiha

Great surfing times and evening relaxation at Sabine Surf Resort in Polhena and Madiha – Down South -Sri Lanka

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  • Private Chalets and Rooms with Private Beach
  • Family owned and operated
  • Surf Lessons Onsite
  • Surf Tours Arranged
  • Home cooked food – local and western choices
  • Great social evenings with surf instructors in safe environment


The Dondra Lighthouse is the tallest lighthouse in Sri Lanka, positioned at the southernmost tip of Sri Lanka, Dondra Head in the Matara District. It is about six kilometers southeast of the Matara city. It stands 49 meters (161 feet) tall and is clearly visible from a distance as a freestanding white monolith. The range of the lighthouse is about 28 nautical miles or 52 kilometers. It was designed by Sir James Nicholas Douglass of the Imperial Lighthouse Service. The lighthouse was commissioned in March 1880 and the stone was brought in from Scotland and Cornwall. If you want modern architecture combined with scenic views, it is one of the best places to see in Sri Lanka.

It is currently under the control of Sri Lanka Ports Authority and is maintained by them on a regular basis.

Dondra Lighthouse is an octagonal brick tower with lantern and gallery, painted white, Dondra head lighthouse built in 1890.
This lighthouse was designed by James Douglass and constructed by William Douglass of the Imperial Lighthouse Service. This is the tallest (161ft) lighthouse in Sri Lanka, and stands on the southernmost tip near the village of Dondra.

The Dondra Lighthouse was built during the colonial period when the British were ruling Ceylon country. It was originally designed in 1889 by James Douglas and constructed by William Douglas of Imperial Lighthouse Services. Dondra Light house is the highest lighthouse in Asia. It is 161feet in height and contains 7 floors, 14 two panel yellow colour windows and 196 steps to the top. All the building material including bricks, steel were imported from England. The lighthouse is still active and helps guide ships and boats which sail on the Indian Ocean. Over 250 ships are said to pass this area daily, although they have GPS ,most of them use the signals beamed by the lighthouse. It also transmits radio wave signals to surrounding lighthouses in Sri Lanka.

Location: Southernmost point of Sri Lanka, near the city of Matara.
Height Focal Plane: 153ft
Construction Completed in 1889