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Your guide and snorkelling buddy is Oshan Kawinda who snorkels most days between the Polhena Beach or Madia beach and the coral reef that provides both protection from the surf and a natural breeding habitat for sea life.

Oshan has all the gear all you have to do is book and turn up with your swimming attire which is just shorts and a Tee Shirt.

Snorkelling is a wonderful sea activity for adults and children, Snorkeling‎ Safari Trips Polhena and Madiha Sri Lanka. You can enjoy swimming in the hot Indian Ocean, see tropical fishes and sometimes turtles.

There is no better place to experience Snorkelling Safari Trips than in Polhena and Madiha on the southern point of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is also a hub for marine life because of its unique position in the Indian Ocean, which makes it an ideal spot for scuba diving and snorkelling.

Normally in Sri Lanka because of the monsoon seasons, west coast diving and snorkelling is generally best from November to April whilst the east coast waters are at their calmest April – September. However, thanks to the Polhena coral reef, this sheltered water is available for most if not all of the year.

With snorkelling you use a special tube called snorkel to breathe when you are submerged, while you require special equipments for scuba diving like oxygen. The advantages of snorkelling includes the ease of doing it and because you are breathing normal air you can snorkel on the surface and watch the beauty of the ocean and reef area underneath you for as long as you like. There is no air tank to restrain your duration.

Often seen in their natural marine habitat are

  • Turtles
  • Octopus
  • Beautiful tropical coral fish

Come and join Oshan on his snorkelling safari trips between Madiha Point and Polhena Beach. Beautiful sea life and corals to discover with just you, your swim gear, mask and snorkel – all in beautiful other natures aquatic play ground.

Call Oshan now to arrange a trip


email oshan@polhena.com

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